How to write a synthesis essay

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How to write a synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay? If you are interested in the question of how to correctly write a review of the book, you probably have come close to an important event in your life. Perhaps you have created your own copy, and want to interest them to those to whom it is intended, most likely, this responsibility lies with you in relation to someone else. Yes, you have a huge responsibility. This work is able to give life to someone else’s work, and the one who created it – a stimulus to development, or bury it, without reaching the reader.

The review carries a certain contradiction; on the one hand, it is a person’s personal opinion, on the other hand, his professional view of the work. Therefore, the art in this genre is the search for the golden mean, which allows us to note subtleties and nuances, positive and negative moments, without dissolving in our ideas and emotions. Try to realize this before you start to work on the evaluation of this material. You must know how to write a synthesis essay

I advise you to go to the forums, where people write their opinions about the novels, magazines, collections of poems they read. You will find quite vivid examples of the subjectivity and superficiality of the described emotions. They will be a perfect example of what a subjective approach is. An understanding of how the final work may look can be obtained by reviewing reviews of various essays in your own library or bookstores.

Decide on the size of the review. It can be short, take the form of a composition or an annotation. The main thing is that it does not turn into a review-treatise. Examples of common errors of various authors in the samples of reviews, and is, firstly, a strong passion for personal assessments and opinions, and secondly, immersion in retelling instead of objective criticism and response.

Feel yourself the master of the situation, let your individuality become that very prism through which you can see the whole picture. Trust yourself, your knowledge and experience.

Revive in your mind the diversity of all literature, on which your eyes slid, recall the whole arsenal of styles, genres, compositions. This will allow you to expand the professional look, and at the same time, highlight the subtleties and elusive differences in the work.

Consider the form of the work. Agree, the review of poetry is different from the review of a novel or science fiction. Pay homage to the form of the work, use the language of the genre to emphasize its shades. For example, for science fiction include the words unreal world, inhuman, unimaginable.

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